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Friday, August 1st 2008

7:15 AM

Clinicmantra-is living expensive?

I hear the complaint quite often about expenses one faces in day to day life. Huge pile of bills at the beginning of month stares in your face?
Who created them? It is our creation. We leave in a dream world because of credit cards. You want to buy some thing, I have credit card in my pocket for every thing . Be it gas or grocery. It is said this problem would be solved if one destroys credit card. I know you are laughing at me.  When you start paying by check, you have to write it. you think ten times wondering about balance in your account, what liabilities you have. You stay within limits.
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Sunday, July 27th 2008

7:32 AM


In health care field the main problem seen is treatment for poor people. Most of them are not insured. In addition going to larger hospitals for treatment means, loss of days wage. It translates into no meals for the family for that day. I do work free in a charitable health centre where every one working is a volunteer, working free. The materials required and overheads is taken care by donations. It gives immense satisfaction to work there. If those in health field decide to spare few hours per week and also people volunteer to help them in their work then the problem of treating poor free will be solved in a major way.
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Friday, July 18th 2008

8:56 AM

Cinicmantra has solution to the problems

Doctors, What is the situation today?How many of us are comfortable in their relations with the patient? How many of us can treat the patient, without constantly thinking about medico legal,consumer problems that may arise. You will agree with me that things are not the same as they used to beWell there is a vast difference between the situation say 20 years ago and now. Then people used to talk about medical profession with awe, admiration and certain respect. Now will find them talking cautiously with certain amount of doubt about the way a person is treated and charged. Rarely you find genuine affection for the profession www.Clinicmantra.com shows you the solution.

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Wednesday, July 16th 2008

11:58 AM

Clinicmantra for successful medical practice

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Harmony, peace do not occur over night.They are of importance for success in life. You have to get it. No body can hand it on a platter. They are related to the mind. You can attain them. How? Just follow www.clinicmantra.com

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Tuesday, July 15th 2008

8:23 PM

"ClinicMantra" Dawn Of A New Era in Prosperity and Harmony for Doctors

In these modern days we link prosperity to money forgetting that money just does not bring happyness. Real prosperity is that of peaceful mind, harmony, then only you canearn and enjoy wealth.

Doctors need to know that it not advertisement or gimmicks that can get them money but and honest and true feelings for patients, staff can

Clinicmantra shows you the path to prosperity.

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Monday, July 14th 2008

7:01 AM

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